Bed Pads

Bed pads provide a disposable absorbent layer of bed protection for incontinent patients. They are designed to protect beds, chairs and other furniture, they help maintain hygiene in rooms where patients are cared for. The absorbent layer is backed by an impervious substrate, keeping liquid emissions off mattresses and seats.  The use of bed pads aids the confidence of sufferers from incontinence, and allows them to be more relaxed when lying down or sitting.

Our bed pads come with different levels of absorbency for differing personal needs, and in different sizes. The pads contribute to increased comfort as well as aiding the maintenance of a hygienic environment.

What are bed pads?

Bed pads are absorbent pads with a non-permeable base designed to prevent body liquids from spoiling mattresses, seats and chairs. They are usually rectangular in design, and fit under the patient’s bowels and lower back area. They are normally disposable, and avoid the need for washing sheets and cleaning mattresses, although some bed pads are washable and reusable. They are an important aid to hygiene for patients with incontinence, and who are unable to get out of bed when they need to. 

What are the best disposable bed pads for incontinence?

The right level of absorbency is a critical issue for choosing bed pads, with different requirements for severely incontinent patients as opposed to those who experience occasional or lighter levels of loss of bowel control. Other key factors are softness and size. The bed pad must be as comfortable as possible, and be the right size for the patient and their bed.

How do you keep bed pads in place?

Different bed pads come with different ways of staying in place. Common options are adhesive tabs and tapes, and elastic loops which fit around the mattress.

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