Centrefeed Roll

Our centrefeed rolls are designed for large dispensers in medical, care and other work settings where there is a requirement for easy, fast access to tissues. SmartOne tissues are suitable for washrooms and general purpose wiping down, and are designed to disintegrate easily, thereby reducing the risk of blockages in drains. They are also easy to replace in dispensers.

Larger 19cm single ply rolls are also available for general wiping tasks and provide a cost-effective means of keeping all areas clean.

What is centrefeed roll?

Centre feed rolls are large rolls of tissue supplied in a reel centred on a hollow core. The core is mounted on a dispensing axle housed within a protective casing. 

How do you use centrefeed rolls?

The tissue is pulled by hand from the reel and torn off against the edge of the dispenser. Motor-driven dispensers are available, as are mechanical cutters operated by a lever.

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