Facial Tissue

Facial tissues are an ever-present feature of homes, hospitals and any number of other places. Because they are disposable they offer a more hygienic alternative to any type of cloth handkerchief or facial wipe, and of course, they are also very convenient to use without the need for washing. 

Facial tissues are highly effective for sniffles, sneezes and nose wiping, but are equally useful for wiping away crumbs and drips from the lips or chin. They are also a very convenient, all-purpose means of clearing up any light spillages or crumbs. Facial tissues make life easier in countless ways in almost every medical, care or domestic environment. 

What are facial tissues used for?

Facial tissues are absorbent, soft to the touch and in use everywhere. They are a modern convenience item for attending to sneezes, sniffles, sweat, tears and dribbles as well as a way of wiping lips after eating and drinking, and of wiping the face after using creams or ointments. They are also extremely useful for wiping away minor spillages, dust, light dirt and any other messy materials. What would we do without them? 

What are facial tissues made of?

Facial tissues are made from the lightest grades of tissue paper, which is a product of wood pulp treated with bleach. Facial tissues are made of 2-ply or 3-ply tissue paper.

When were facial tissues invented?

In 1924 in the USA, Kimberley Clark introduced Kleenex tissues, the first tissues on the market. The brand is sometimes used as a generic name for facial tissues.

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