Overbed Tables

Overbed tables solve the problem of how to provide a firm, stable surface for anyone confined to bed. The key requirement for overbed tables is that they allow hospital patients and others a surface which allows them to eat and drink in comfort, can be used for similar purposes to a conventional table. The table surface needs to be easy to wipe down and keep hygienic, and sufficiently robust to support the weight of plates, jugs, cups and other items. Our overbed tables also feature easy to clean vinyl lamination and rails on the edges to prevent items from slipping off.

To enable simple set up and removal, our overbed tables are mounted on C-shaped metal frames which extend under the bed as well as supporting the table surface above the bed.  The height and angle of the table can be adjusted to suit the needs of individual users. For greater ease of movement, we offer an option mounted on easy glide castors. 

Are overbed tables safe?

Overbed tables are designed to be stable so that in normal use they will not collapse on top of a bedbound user. They will also usually feature a raised edge to prevent spillages from coming over the side the table, and to prevent any objects from slipping onto patients. However, they are not designed for bearing the weight of a person, for example, when levering themselves up, or leaning on them. Doing so could result in falls. Their use should be limited, in health and care settings, to patients who will not try to use them to support their weight.

Do patients like overbed tables?

For patients confined to bed, overbed tables provide a very useful surface for all types of objects which they want in easy reach, from such everyday objects as glasses, books, pens and phones, to plates, cups, glasses and eating utensils. Overbed tables can help to make confinement to bed significantly more bearable and comfortable.  

Are overbed tables easy to clean?

Overbed tables are frequently used for food and drink, so it is a prerequisite that their surface is easy to clean in the interests of maintaining patient hygiene. Tables are frequently made from laminated wood, or from heavy duty plastics to enable fast and thorough cleaning.

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