Profiling Beds

Designed for the comfort of patients with severe needs, our profiling beds offer electrically controlled adjustment of the frame supporting the mattress. The controls can adjust the tilt of the pillow area, to make it easier to digest food and drink, to read or watch television. The height of the legs under the knees can also be raised for a more comfortable posture. 

For patients spending significant amounts of time in bed, changes in posture can make them much more comfortable and can be an aid for sleep. If capable, patients can also operate the beds themselves, giving them an important sense of being in control of their environment.  

Profiling beds have the additional benefit of reducing the likelihood of bed sores which can become uncomfortable, infected and dangerous. With a choice of height positions, they aid the giving of care services as well as making getting out of, or into, the bed easier. Side rails are an aid to safety and prevent vulnerable patients from falling out of bed. Our range of profiling beds are suitable for use in care homes or in patients’ own homes.   

What are profiling beds?

Profiling beds are adjustable beds for patients or anyone else who has to spend extended periods of time in bed. They aid comfort by giving the bedbound person a range of positions by raising the head and knees. Changes in position give respite to any parts of the body suffering from continual contact with the bed surface which can cause bedsores and irritation. Bedsores can result in skin breakages which can in turn become infected and put the patient in very real danger. Changing positions also allows patients to swallow and digest in greater comfort, and to find a better posture for sleep. Profiling beds also frequently come with height adjustments which make them easier to get in and out of, as well as making access to the patient easier for carers and medical staff.    

How do you use a profiling bed?

Profiling beds are normally operated by a simple hand controller for head, knee and height positions. They can be operated by a carer or other person, or by the patient themselves. 

What is a profiling mattress?

Profiling mattresses are designed to work with profiling beds. They are normally made from foam to allow them to flex with the movement of the profiling bed. Unlike conventional spring mattresses, they do not require turning.

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