About Medirite

Medirite, based in Hailsham, East Sussex, specialises in cleaning, hygiene and medical products. We have great relationships with top suppliers, enabling us to supply high quality products at low prices.

Medirite works closely with many of the UK's leading manufactures to provide quality cleaning and hygiene products at competitive prices and our large warehousing facility ensures our products are available when our customers need them. 

Our customers are wide and varied including, Care Homes, Doctors Surgeries, Company Offices, Conference Centers, Schools, Engineering firms, Car Garages, General Manufacturing, Private Hospitals, Dentists, Veterinary Surgery’s, Hair and Beauty salons and more.

We stock a large range of essentials such as disposable gloves, disposable aprons, vinyl gloves, alcohol sanitisers and incontinence products and try to hold most products in stock for immediate delivery but where products show as out of stock we can usually deliver these within 7 days.

You may wonder, why our logo includes a Swift bird. The Sussex Martlets have been traditionally associated with Sussex for centuries and appear on the Sussex county crest. Martlets are thought to be based on a Swift. Unfortunately, over the past 25 years, the Swift has become one of the UK’s most endangered birds. The RSPB say “Swifts like high, deep crevices to nest, but because we’ve lost many old houses and buildings, and as roof spaces are filled or mended, their numbers have declined dramatically and they are now on the UK Red list of conservation concern.”

Medirite has a goal to protect Swifts, by sending a percentage of our income to fund the protection of Swifts via RSPB. We also will be sending swift boxes to select clients to further aid in the protection of Swifts. If you would like to find out more, click here.

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