Syringes and Needles

We offer a range of syringes and hypodermic needles for the administration of medication and taking samples. The syringes we supply are sterile and individually wrapped with clear, precise markings for accurate dosage. We offer syringes designed for oral delivery of medication or for feeding, with easy to use tube connections. Syringes for use with needles feature Luer locks which ensure a perfect connection. 

For use with the syringes, we offer a range of hypodermic needles which are extremely sharp for maximum patient comfort while medication is being administered, and can also be used for drawing blood and other fluids.  

How do syringes work?

Syringes consist of a barrel, a plunger, a cap and a hollow needle. For injections, the barrel is filled with a liquid, and the plunger forces it through the cap and into the needle. The needle pierces the patient’s skin and the plunger is pushed to force the liquid into the patient’s body. To extract liquid, for example blood, the plunger is pressed fully into the empty barrel, the needle is inserted into the patient’s body, and the plunger is slowly withdrawn to create a suction which draws blood from the patient into the barrel.

Is it legal to buy syringes?

There are no legal restrictions on buying syringes and needles in the UK.

Why are syringes single use only?

In the interests of patient safety, medical professionals will only use syringes once and then dispose of them. They are supplied in sterile condition and are intended for immediate use for injections. Re-use runs the risk of introducing bacteria which can cause serious and sometimes lethal infections.

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